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Smshare App for Android

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Version: 12.3.1

  • Bug fix of app crashes silently.

Version: 12.3.0

  • New feature: Report relay app info to the dashboard.

Version: 12.2.1

  • Keep smartphone awake while sending SMS campaign.

Version: 12.2.0

  • New feature: Now you can end call automatically (automatic call hang up). This is especially useful when running SMS campaign and you register a welcome voice message on the answering machine. When you enable this feature, as soon as people calls you, the app will hang up the call and the answering machine will play your welcome message

Version: 12.1.0

  • Bug fix of runtime permission on Android 6. The permission is: READ_PHONE_STATE and is required when generating a unique device ID.

★ V12.0.1 published 10 Jun 2016

  • Bug fix of runtime permission on Android 6. The permission is: READ_PHONE_STATE and is required when generating a unique device ID.

★ V12.0.0 published 06 Jun 2016

  • This new version is the "android" counterpart of the a new ProWebSms feature that consists of having multiple device registered with your ProWebSms account.
    Store owners having 2 devices can now start using them as follows: one for transactional SMS (new order, registration, etc) and one for promotional SMS.

★ V11.2.1 published 19 Mar 2016

  • Bug fix of app crash on some devices due to HTTPS certificate negotiation.

★ V11.2.0 published 13 Feb 2016

  • Bug fixes of database cursor not closed which was causing crashes on some devices. Without the help of Marwan from this fixes couldn't be possible.

★ V11.1.0 published 12 Feb 2016

  • Bug fix of the push system heartbeat.

★ V11.0.0 published 12 Feb 2016

  • Bug of some devices going to sleep before SMS is sent. We now use wakeful intent services everywhere.
  • Bug fixes for devices using non English locale (Arabic)
  • HTTP library update (okhttp 3)
  • SMS limit monitor will prevent sending more than 100 SMS / hour on Android version less than 5

★ V10.0.0 published 08 Feb 2016

  • Add support for Android 6 (Marshmallow).

★ V9.0.1 published 27 Jan 2016

  • Bug fix of app crash when opening an item from the history view.

★ V8.0.0 published 21 Jan 2016

  • Add support for "expansion" relay apps (29 apps to be released soon).

    You can now bypass android technical limitation and send up to 1800 SMS / hour.

    By installing ProWebSms expansion relay apps, you can bypass Android SMS limit, which is a confirmation popup that shows up when you send more than 30 SMS messages per 30 minutes on newer versions of Android starting with 4.1 Jelly Bean, or 100 SMS messages per hour on older versions of Android.

★ 7.0.1 published 24 Oct 2015

  • Use new GCM technology to push SMS from smshare server to the smshare app. Old GCM version was stopped by Google since october 23

★ V6.9.1 published 17 Sep 2015

  • Improved reporting of canceled SMS (SMS campaign)

★ V6.9.0 published 07 Sep 2015

  • Performance improvement to support even more high volume SMS sending, thanks to a complete redesign of the Send Engine.

★ V6.8.0 published 31 Aug 2015

  • You can now cancel a running SMS campaign from the site.

★ V6.7.0 published 13 Aug 2015

  • Improved SMS campaign reporting: SMS send/delivery reports that have delay and which are received after the campaign is completed, will be posted to the server to update the statistics of the campaign.
  • All send/delivery reports are handled in a sequential manner (IntentService) to avoid concurrent access to the SQLite database.
  • History view bug fixes

★ V6.6.0

  • Bug fix of force close on Android 2.3. The bug was not affecting sending of SMS.

★ V6.5.1

  • Do not resend SMS automatically on sent error.
  • History view improvements to open quickly campaign SMS

★ V6.4.1

  • Bug fix of missing final report for campaign with one number only.

★ V6.4.0

  • Ignore delivery report when disabled by the user in the settings.
  • History view performance fix.

★ V6.3.0

  • SMS Campaign reports on the site.

★ V6.2.1

  • Live refresh/Update of the history view.
  • All sms sending is spaced by at least 2 seconds to make sure SMS are sent and not being blocked by device.
  • Fix bug of SMS history not scrolling to bottom (thanks Feroz)

★ V6.1.0

  • Group SMS: Receive sending report by email.

★ V6.0.2

  • Now you can resend all failed SMS (from the history view). Useful for bulk SMS sending, as some of them may fall in generic error.

★ V6.0.1

  • History view now shows details for each message:

    When SMS was pushed to device. When it was handed to the mobile operator. When it was sent by the operator. When SMS is received by your contact.

  • Better SMS scheduling and delay handling
  • Better group SMS handling. You can now create your contact groups on the site.
  • Bug fix of "app has stopped" when getting back to the smshare app from app switcher.

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